About AncestralStars.com

Terms of Use

This is where I tell you what I will not do with any information you provide to this web site. At this point, such “information” is basically your name and email address. If you provide your email, either by contacting me directly or by signing up for announcements, I will not sell or give it to anyone else. I will not use it for any other purpose than what’s stated on the subscribe page. Any emails (from a listing/distribution service) you receive should have a link for unsubscribing.

Full Disclosure: Advertising and Affiliate Memberships

I had hoped to avoid any advertising on this web site (other than plugging my own books, of course). However, using the free Google Custom Search will cause my users to see advertisements and I have little control over them. Thus, I’ll probably end up using AdSense (I’d rather have a few pennies flow toward me, than pay $100 to Google to avoid the ads—which I’m sure is their intent).

Since I live in Colorado, Amazon.com dumped me long ago from their affiliate program because they had a tiff with the State of Colorado. I may become a Barnes & Noble—or another company—affiliate. If so, I’ll provide the company name on this page and IDs will be attached to specific URLs. I do not intend to indulge in streaming/displaying random advertisements (there’s my control issue popping up again).

Copyrighted Materials

Considering the amount of times I’ve seen my books offered on piracy sites, I’m a little sensitive about copyright infringement. You can link to images and content on this web site, but please don’t steal from it or distribute the content yourself. Here’s ye olde copyright notice:

Book cover copyrights are held by the artist (for the Kedros books, that’s Fred Gambino). Book excerpts are copyrighted by Laura E. Reeve. All music is copyrighted by Michael F. Guyote. All other code, design, content, and image rights (copyright, duplication, distribution) on this web site are held by Laura E. Reeve. Downloadable images and files cannot be altered, dismantled, or used for purposes other than promotion of the depicted works or this web site.

Design of This Web Site

If you’re wondering who designed this website and WordPress theme—that’ll be me. I also do most of the graphics. Consequently I’m responsible for inaccuracies, poor performance, and bugs, so you can complain via the email link in the footer or in the comments below (although if you’re still using Internet Explorer 6, your complaints will fall upon deaf ears). Likewise, I’m open to suggestions.