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PPLD Mountain of Authors, PPWC

Here I am at my table at the Pikes Peak Library District’s (PPLD) 4th annual Mountain of Authors. I was invited to attend and be on their genre author panel. Surprisingly, almost all the other authors spent their introduction time explaining why their books don’t really qualify as genre (to be fair, one of the authors was self-published, so she really wasn’t a genre writer). I guess no author likes to feel pigeon-holed, but I think "genre" often insinuates "ghetto" and sends writers running for cover.

Sorry, but I’m not ashamed to say I write genre SF/Fantasy. That’s what I always wanted to write, ever since I started devouring the paperbacks from the drugstore. Too bad they’re on the endangered species list (paperbacks and drugstores)…. but I digress. I also had fun at the Pikes Peaks Writers Conference later in April. Donald Maass’s Fire in Fiction presentation was inspiring, as usual.

Any opinions?

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