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Announcing the Outside-North-America Version of Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper's UK Ebook Cover

Peacekeeper’s UK Ebook Cover

You might be wondering what the heck I’ve been doing in 2013—I’ve had the same questions. Well, I was inundated with my volunteer responsibilities to the Pikes Peak Writers for a while (I was appointed to position of Secretary in November last year, then things went crazy in 2013). In between all that, I finally managed to get a Kindle version of Peacekeeper on to Amazon, for sale only outside the US, Canada, and their territories.

Can I do that while my publisher is selling an e-book version? Yes, I can, as long as I can specify my eBook version isn’t sold inside the US or Canada (and their territories—don’t forget about places like the Phillipines, etc.) Roc/Penguin sells both paperback and eBook forms of my books in those territories, but this left english readers in other parts of the world without an eBook version. I got complaints on this web site and I promised those readers I’d figure out a way to get an eBook version sold in their country. No one, least of all me, knew it would take this long. My apologies.

The Kindle version has been on the UK Amazon website since mid-May, and the version for Kobo will soon be available. If you’re outside North America and you find it’s not available for your specific country, send me a message via this web site. Read more »

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Free Movie Night, Plus a Workshop to Benefit Black Forest Fire Survivors!


Friday Night: Free Showing of The Cabin in the Woods

This coming Friday night (6/28), the Pikes Peak Writers (PPW) will be showing Josh Whedon’s crowd-pleasing The Cabin in the Woods for free! Renowned horror author and CU professor Stephen Graham Jones will be on hand to discuss this clever movie that manages to be both comic and horrific, as well as a “critical satire on torture porn” (don’t go to this Wikipedia page unless you want to spoil your viewing). Proceeds from candy and popcorn will be donated to the Black Forest Fire survivors though Tri-Lakes Cares. There will also be a silent auction to benefit the PPW Conference Scholarship Fund. Some of the items to be auctioned are mentioned here, but there are rumors of even more exciting items: Read more »

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Please don’t turn my computer into a phone! On the other hand…

Better speech recognition is nice… We’ll later look at the challenges of dictating SF and Fantasy.

But if I’d wanted to create my digital art or 450-plus-page novels on a phone, then I wouldn’t have bought an iMac with a beautiful 27 inches of screen real estate, 8 gigabytes of memory, and all driven by a rip-snorting Quad-Core Intel i7 processor set. Of course, that sounded a lot more impressive in 2011…

Wherein I Suffer Mouse Rage

I just upgraded my iMac to Mountain Lion (OS X, version 10.8.x). Apps have changed or lost options, functionality has moved, and other irritating things have happened. But this is about more than being a grouchy old person who doesn’t like change; there was bizarre sudden zooming that left me with unchangeable windows filled with huge letters. I finally got so enraged that I threw my Apple bluetooth mouse and it flew apart when it hit the floor (not so mighty now, are you?) Read more »

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Get Discounted AND Signed Books This Friday!

Renaissance Denver Hotel

This Friday night, Sept 7th at 7:30 p.m., the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) are having a book sale and signing that will be open to the public. A multitude of RMFW authors (usually defined as 30-plus authors, most of whom are on this list) will be in Ballroom B of the Renaissance Denver Hotel on Quebec, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (here’s the location of the hotel).

I’ll be there—but big deal; if you’re reading this announcement, you’ve probably already read my books. What is exciting is that most books will be available at a discount. From Who Else! Books, the bookseller for the event:

As a Conference Special on the books we will be bringing (not those consigned; we have little control over their pricing), we will be selling most if not all of your books at slightly reduced prices: $7.99 books for $7, $6.99 books for $6, $25.95 books for $23, just as we do at book signings in our store. Trade paperbacks will be all or almost all discounted similarly: eg, $.14.95 will be $13, $17.95 will be $16.

So if you’ve been hankering for a book by an RMFW author, check out this sale if you’re in the Denver area.

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For Writers: New Models in Publishing (Tomorrow Night)

If you’re a writer who’s published or close to publishing, and if you’re in the Colorado Springs area, check out this Pikes Peak Writers presentation (“Write Brain”) tomorrow night.

Join the Pikes Peak Writers for a FREE Write Brain session on new models in publishing.

Presenters include Deb Courtney of Courtney Literary, and authors Robert Spiller and DeAnna Knippling, both of whom have books that are traditionally published, self-published, and published in ebook formats.


Panel discussion will cover indie-publishing, managed self-publishing, traditional publishing and self-publishing in its many incarnations. Hear what options are available to you, learn the pros and cons of each, and find out why one traditionally published author has turned to managed self-publishing for his next book.

Panel will also take questions from the audience. A great way to start your writing year!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012
6:30 – 8:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.)


Celebration Place in the Citadel Mall


FREE and open to the public

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