Command Decision, by Elizabeth Moon

When I covered Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta’s War series, I said that I couldn’t wait to read book number four. When the fourth book, Command Decision, became available through the SF Book Club, I snapped it up. I read it almost as fast, then I had to wait to post this entry until TAXES were finished. But on to more pleasant subjects, such as Vatta’s War…

Elizabeth Moon delivers, as always, an action-packed story. By now, I’ve invested time and emotion into these characters, and I’m eagerly following their progress. There’s less space battles for Kylara Vatta in this book because a good amount of the story is spent with Rafe on his home world, Nexus. I enjoyed this because we’re given more insight into Rafe’s history, family, and the inner workings of the powerful corporation called ISC, which controls the ansible network that allows FTL communication across all the systems. Rafe has to figure out how to rescue his family and get ISC working again. Unfortunately, even though ISC should be trying to rid the systems of the pirates that have sabotaged the ansible network and killed most of the Vatta family, it’s possible that ISC is beginning to view the remaining Vattas as enemies.

This was an enjoyable read about characters to which I’m becoming attached. One small disappointment: I would have liked a bit more attention paid to Aunt Grace and the plot line on Slotter Key. Aunt Grace is tenacious and a mite scary, but things seemed to fall too quickly into line for her… perhaps because this book concentrated on Rafe? Anyway, it’s obviously not the end of the series and I’ll keep reading, regardless of my little nitpicking with one small part of the plot.

Any opinions?

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