Foundering and floundering

I managed to get my second book submitted on time, meaning the end of April. But this is not an industry where one gets instant (or even timely?) feedback, so I’m moving forward, hoping book #2 will be acceptable because book #3 is building upon the events in book #2. Ah, the agony of waiting for the publishing business to grind through another cycle!

The biggest problem, as I try to structure book #3, is the title. I seem to be one of those writers who needs to fix a title in her sights. I’ve spent this month creatively foundering, and floundering through scenes, plot, structure… Note the difference with those two similar-sounding verbs (sink/fail vs. struggle helplessly in confusion), but both are appropriate for my current situation.

Some bright points: I had time to upgrade my Mac OSX and to camp with my poor ignored husband.

Any opinions?

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