The Heart of Valor, by Tanya Huff

Last month I ripped through the Omnibus edition that had the two precursor novels, Valor’s Choice and The Better Part of Valor. This month, I have my own novel #2 due at the end of the month plus the Pikes Peak Writers Conference workshops to finish — but that didn’t stop me from staying up late to finish The Heart of Valor.

This novel picks up after The Better Part of Valor and Torin ends up in a training scenario that goes very, very wrong. Once again, she’s up to the challenge (why I love this character, see previous post) of protecting civilians and trainees. I particularly enjoyed how the plot twists back into issues introduced in book #2, so I think the reader will enjoy the book better if they read The Better Part of Valor. It’s not truly necessary, but I think one would enjoy the few returning characters more if they read the precursor novel.

Speaking of the few returning characters — I’ve been fascinated with Huff’s capability to replace almost the entire “cast of supporting characters” between each book, yet still engage the reader. In my case, I was willing to give up some much-needed sleep to see what happens to this ensemble of characters.

Any opinions?

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