Olympos, by Dan Simmons

The continuation of Ilium (see previous entry)… I had a hard time putting this book down for mundane things like eating, working, or talking to my spouse.

At first, everything seemed controllable. Dr. Hockenberry changes Troy’s fate, as written by Homer. Hockenberry prevents the sack of Troy by uniting Hector and Achilles in a war against the gods, now shown to be post-humans that have forgotten their origins. But the space-time-continuum (sorry, I’m taking a short-cut) has become unstable around Mars due to post-human tampering, so the organic/mechanized AI Jovians intend to pull out and leave Troy to the mercy of the gods (who have no more mercy for humans than they would for cattle). The Jovians hope to save Earth, which is being overwhelmed by the voynix and Setebos, who feeds on horror. The old-style humans on Earth are being slaughtered to the point of extinction and yet another catastrophe sits under Earth’s ocean…

As is always the case with Dan Simmons, I’m transfixed by all the separate plot lines, running in different times/universes, and I can’t begin to anticipate how they all come together. But I have faith that they will, and they do. Simmons takes “beating up your characters” to an extreme, and I was worried that there’d be nothing but a high body count at the end. Surprisingly, there’s a satisfying conclusion. There are survivors, at least, and many find peace.

Any opinions?

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