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The Fuller Memorandum, by Charles Stross 0 (0)

Sometimes life swats you around and you don’t have time to update your blog. ‘Nuff said about my problems, which are nothing compared to Bob Howard’s issues in Stross’s The Fuller Memorandum. Bob Howard is your garden-variety drab IT professional—until he stumbles upon the truth: there really are Lovecraftian monsters out there in other dimensions. […]

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Leviathon, by Scott Westerfeld, and recent criticisms of steampunk 0 (0)

I don’t always appreciate Young Adult (YA) SF/F. The world might not be complex enough for my taste and sometimes I don’t relate to the protagonists (perhaps I’ve crossed into crotchety-old-fart-land — more on that “place” later), but this wasn’t the case with Westerfeld’s Leviathon. I cared about the characters, particularly Alek. The girl Deryn […]

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The Atrocity Archives & The Jennifer Morgue, by Charles Stross 0 (0)

Stross’s world is a unique blend of Lovecraft-ian monsters, computer science, and British secret service noir. From a strict categorical perspective, which no one takes these days, it’s a blend of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It’s so clever that many an SF/F author probably beat themselves with the now-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that stick while reading it. The theory […]

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