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Leviathon, by Scott Westerfeld, and recent criticisms of steampunk 0 (0)

I don’t always appreciate Young Adult (YA) SF/F. The world might not be complex enough for my taste and sometimes I don’t relate to the protagonists (perhaps I’ve crossed into crotchety-old-fart-land — more on that “place” later), but this wasn’t the case with Westerfeld’s Leviathon. I cared about the characters, particularly Alek. The girl Deryn […]

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Gail Carriger & Dan Abnett; In which I enjoy alternate English history and ignore immodest head-hopping 0 (0)

For the first week after surgery, I couldn’t get to sleep easily. The pain was disturbing if I lay on my side. My back felt least strained when I lay flat upon it, but I had to endure the screaming-sharp pain of initially putting pressure on my incision. The pain would eventually calm down, but […]

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