Book covers, and the changing face of Ariane Kedros

I have the new Pathfinder cover displayed on the web site. One point is obvious when looking at the three covers: Major Ariane Kedros sure changes a lot, doesn’t she?

Actually, in Ariane’s world, identity isn’t tied to appearance any more. Don’t like your face or body shape, skin color, hair color, or eye color? Depending upon how permanent you want the change, and how much money you have, anything’s possible. But we’re not in her world, so it’s a bit disorienting to see the different views. How do I imagine Ariane? If I could mix the face structure on Peacekeeper with the hair color/style on Pathfinder, and combine it with the body shape used on Vigilante—it would fit my mental picture of Ariane.

Note: this entry imported from Amazon Author Page on 11/3/2010.

Any opinions?

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