I smell a broken economic system

House of Cards?
House of Cards?

Try reading these two articles, one after the other: Unpaid jobs: The new normal? and Jobless Innovation?. Think about what they have in common (joblessness—not titles that end in question marks).

Are you starting to get uneasy? Now I want you to think back to your college Macroeconomics classes—the ones that covered supply-versus-demand—and try to rectify the fact employers still go overseas for labor (per “Apple today employs 10 workers in China for every worker in the United States”) with the fact that many unemployed workers in America are willing to work for free (and “the competition for some unpaid gigs can grow intense”).

That’s the sound of your brain twisting and giving up, because it doesn’t make sense. Particularly in a free enterprise economic system. But wait, I forgot. We no longer have anything that resembles a free enterprise system. The best description I can use is…broken. And it didn’t break all by itself (I’m pointing my finger at you, Federal Government).

‘Nuff said. Back to our regular topics of readin’ and writin’ —obviously, we’ll have no truck with ‘rithmatic in this country.

Any opinions?

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