Rod Summitt signs at the Monument Art Hop

Rod Summitt signs his books in Covered Treasures, Monument, CO

I managed to catch the last Art Hop of the season. If you haven’t stopped by the Monument Art Hops, the third thursday of each summer month, you really should. There’s free food, live music (sprinkled about downtown), and the galleries, stores, and restaurants stay open into the mild summer evenings.

Fellow Pikes Peak Writer Rod Summitt was signing his books in Covered Treasures, a small independent bookseller in Monument. Rod writes romantic suspense, which is something I read now and then, between the SF/F. I got two of his books: The Nurse and the Deputy, and Return to Paradise, because one is set in a fictional area of CO (Tri-County, instead of Tri-Lakes?) and the other in Hawaii (can you guess which one?) 😉

Any opinions?

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