Try a small, friendly SF convention this weekend

Do you read SF/Fantasy? Would you like to meet a group of SF/F authors? Do you write SF/F—in which case, have you been wondering what happens at conventions? Well, here’s a small SF convention in Colorado Springs that’s fun and friendly, whether you’re an old hand or just trying a convention for the first time.

COSine SF Convention

The COSine Science Fiction Convention 2011 will be held this coming weekend (January 21 – 23), and this will be its first use of the Crowne Plaza in CO Springs. Their program has panels for both readers and writers. A warning: Mysticon and the Colorado Faerie Festival will also be at the hotel this weekend, but they’re not related to COSine (so if you see any fae running down the hall, just think of China Miéville’s The City & The City, and unsee them 😉 ).

Any opinions?

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