Summer reading wrap-up

I was carried away by Liu’s The Iron Hunt, with engrossing world, characters, and story. An amazing concept, where the heroine’s tatoos are her armor-by-day, her demons-at-arms by night, as well as ageless beings that hold secrets about her role/fate/orders. One of them likes to gnaw on discarded cans; can you get any quirkier?

Emissaries from the Dead had an intriguing, detailed world, but I thought I’d like the heroine better. She’s tortured by her past, and a bit like my heroine–obviously, it gives me pause that I didn’t connect with her. I hope it was due to her history, with that strangely alien, traumatic event occurring in her childhood.

As for the others, I’m addicted to Huff’s military SF Confederate World, as well as Moon’s Vatta’s War series. No surprises there, they were both enjoyable reads. Ian Healy is a local Colorado author, who self-published his book, The Milkman. It’s not generally something I would read, yet it was fresh and readable. I’ve read worse put out by NY publishers. Bujold’s Diplomatic Immunity (yeah, I know it’s been around for a while) lived up to her well-earned reputation, but it had special interest for me because of my chemical/biological warfare equipment testing experience. I wanted to smack myself on the forehead and ask, why couldn’t I think of this kind of threat! But she’s Bujold.

Any opinions?

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