The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois

I read this collection while on vacation in Maui, so I’m entering it for September also. A short story collection is a wonderful thing to take on vacation. I loved reading by the beach, with the sound of waves as a background. What’s great about a short story collection is that you get natural dividing points, so you’re not distracted when you battle the traffic to get to touristy spots on the island. Maui is certainly beautiful, but it had to compete with an excellent book…

About this collection? Well, it’s excellent and I’ll just mention a few of my favorites. At the top of my list is “Second Person, Present Tense,” by Daryl Gregory. In this story, a drug overdose destroys the “conscious self” of a girl, leaving… what? Or the better question: who? “Little Faces,” by Vonda N. McIntyre, is another favorite, although I couldn’t begin to explain the story in only a sentence. [Addition: “Little Faces” novelette has been nominated for the Nebula Awards for 2006, with winners to be announced in May, 2007.] “Triceratops Summer,” by Michael Swanwick, “Piccadilly Circus,” by Chris Beckett, “The Children of Time,” by Stephen Baxter, and “Zima Blue,” by Alastair Reynolds, are all excellent. In fact, I couldn’t find a boring story in the entire book — which made scheduling my vacation events a bit difficult.

[Addition: Note that the jacket images I find from Amazon all have Gardner’s name spelled incorrectly, and I apologize for doing the same in my title. It’s now corrected. I checked the cover on my book — it’s correct also.]

Any opinions?

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