Denvention 3, I meet my editor

Denvention 3 was a blast, partly because I’ve never been to a World SF Convention and partly because I could relax and just be a participant. I didn’t have a book out yet that I had to plug, so I could attend readings and panels and enjoy myself. Highlights for me were the Hugo Awards (and parties afterward), the military SF panels, Tanya Huff’s reading (in particular), and being able to meet so many people involved in writing and publishing SF and Fantasy.

In discussing the time and effort it takes to get a coherent novel conceived, plotted, written, published, and then publicized, I was humbled by the work ethic displayed by all the authors and editors I met. It was energizing, as I realized my own nose had to get back on that grindstone. I also had lunch with my editor–I always wanted to say that! Yes, I finally met Jessica in person and found her to be as gracious in person as she was on the phone. Photos and information from Denvention 3 can be found here and in these LJ entries.

Any opinions?

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