My father-in-law, Tarlton Guyote

Tarlton Guyote in AF uniform

The death of a loved one is a disorienting experience, and the loss of my father-in-law this month sent my husband and me into a place of distorted time and space. I can’t say what else happened this January, except that there was frantic activity and we made two trips to Louisiana. In general, this month was about wishes: I wish we’d gotten down there faster so my husband could speak to him, I wish I’d been able to present him the ‘author-signed’ book that he anticipated, I wish he could have seen the pictures we brought…

Tarlton Guyote was a generous Cajun who had a grin for everybody and a joke for every occasion. He spent thirty years in the U.S. Air Force and was a veteran of three wars. We will remember Tarlton with love and his humor with fondness.

Any opinions?

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