On Basilisk Station, by David Weber

When I decided I needed to read the very first Honor Harrington book, I picked it up for reading while on a trip. I needed the distraction, since the purpose of our trip was to attend my father-in-law’s funeral.

Based upon the comments made by characters in following books, I expected to see Honor when she was young, before she was in the position of commanding an entire ship. Not so. She shows up as commander and this is at least her second command. She’s already been adopted by her treecat Nimitz, so no extra background there. I also expected she’d make her reputation in this book, but I think she merely bolsters the reputation she’s already established prior to the book’s beginning.

I was disappointed I didn’t learn much more about Honor than I already knew. When I’d read The Honor of the Queen, the references to what happened at Basilisk seemed to promise more. However, the story was still interesting and I enjoyed the cast of secondary characters. I’d just expected more.

Considering the mood I was in while I read this book, I should add a mitigating comment. It’s likely my assessment and enjoyment of the book were tainted by the events in my life.

Any opinions?

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