Busy, busy April

I get the first look at the Peacekeeper cover! Exciting… but after the first thrill, I have some consternation. Major Kedros isn’t blond. I know there’s nothing that can be done about the cover, considering the artwork is done and I’m a pretty small fish in this publishing pond.

Since February, my husband’s been asking plaintively when he’ll "get his wife back." It won’t be this month since I’m finishing up book #2 in the Ariane Kedros series (tentatively named Vigilante). I’m also preparing for the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, where I’m giving two workshops. I’ve also learned I don’t have software for generating print-ready CMYK color-space files. Grrrrr — that makes bookmarks really, really hard to order. There’s been no time, since the beginning of the year, to update my reading list (although the pile of finished books grows, so I am still making time to read). I’m thinking of revamping that part of the web site… in May. Everything’s pushed off until May.

Any opinions?

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